Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where it all started..

Joel and I went to the river this weekend with his family. It was kind of a special trip for us because that is where we officially met 8 months ago. When we were up there last Labor Day he did not really even talk to me (which is not like him at all). I think I just made him speechless in my "modest mary" bathing suit. He would not even ride in my dad's boat with me, go skiing, anything. So all day I made jokes about us riding in the same boat together and actually talking. After that awkward day, neither of us would have never thought that we would be getting married. It really makes you realize that God has an amazing plan for your life you are not even aware of yet. Back to this weekend...we did the normal river activities like canoeing, skiing, eating ribs (Joel's favorite) and just relaxing on the pier. After laying out on the pier for 20 minutes with Joel I realized that our week in Cancun is going to be a long one without "water babies sunscreen" in tow...

He got so sunburned. Anyways, here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!


Katie Waymire said...

cute blog...glad we can see what y'all are up too.

Cristin Claire said...

Yay for you getting a blog! Now we can post back and forth on each others! And cute pics from the lake too! I was going to call you last night and just catch up and then I realized I will be at Mayfair this Sunday. See you then!