Monday, August 27, 2007

Let the fun begin...

Sorry it has been forever since I posted, but Joel and I have been so busy! We have had 3 showers so far and we are amazed at how blessed we are to have friends that love us so much. Our first shower was my lingerie shower a couple weeks ago. I got such cute and sassy stuff, along with some really awkward moments :) About 2 weeks ago we had a couples shower in Nashville given by Joel's brother and sister-in-law and some other really close friends. They did a shrimp boil with potatoes and corn and of course Frank's special homemade ice cream. We got some really great things along with a gas grill (which we survived putting it together...I tend to get a little, well VERY, bossy when it comes to instructions). This past weekend we had a home and garden shower given by some wonderful couples from church. We had a great turnout and lots of fun. I love to go sit in the guest room at the house and play in all of our new goodies!!

Well, Joel has finally started making the move to Huntsville. He brought a load down last weekend and he is bringing the rest on Thursday. I cannot believe that in 3 days he will be living here for good. We have never lived in the same city much less the same state, so it is going to be a huge adjustment for both of us (I even have to move back in with mama and daddy, since he is getting the house for the next 6 weeks). But I could not be happier.

Right now we ask that you keep Joel high on your prayer list. He is waiting to hear back from a job with Huntsville Utilities that would be such a great opportunity for him. Our prayer is that if this is not the job for him that God will open another door of opportunity for us.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. We will be headed to the lake this weekend for Labor Day. It will be our 1 year anniversary and where better to spend it than where we met!!

(Sorry no pictures, I lost my camera cord. I'll post as soon as I find it!!)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Weekend to Remember...Or Not!!

Last weekend Joel and I along with Jon, Laura, and Jay went down to Atlanta for a fun, relaxing weekend. The main purpose of going down there was for the wedding of one of Joel and Jon's friends from high school Friday night. Since we were going to be in Atlanta for weekend, Joel and I decided to get Six Flags tickets and go to Stone Mountain (which never happened...keep reading). Ok, so Friday night we went to the wedding which was nice and Joel got to talk with a lot of his friends from Atlanta. Well Saturday morning we met up with some of our friends from Nashville to start our FUN weekend. We went to Six Flags, which was fun except for the ridiculous lines and the scorching heat. Pretty sure that we only rode 4, maybe 5 rides, the entire day...we were there from 9:30 time we will definitely break down and pay $45 for one of those fast pass things. After leaving we went back and got cleaned up to go to dinner and then to see the light show at Stone Mountain. To make a long story short...we ate at Steak and Ale that night. I used to LOVE that place when it was in Huntsville so I was really excited to eat there again. However, before we left the restaurant Keri and I started feeling pretty bad and Joel kept telling me how pale I looked. So me, Joel, Matt, and Keri went back to the hotel to watch whatever old movies come on TV on a Saturday night and never made it to Stone Mountain (which was actually what I was looking forward to the most about the whole weekend). About 11:30 that night Joel started getting violently sick (I now know what for better or for worse means). At about 3:30 he was so severely dehydrated that I had to take him to the ER. I was so scared. I felt so helpless...I didn't have a car there, I had no idea where we were...we just relied on the navigation system to take us to the closet hospital. They ended up giving him 2 bags of fluid and other medicine and then sent us home about 3 hours later, where he slept basically the rest of the day.
So that was our FUN, RELAXING weekend went! Obviously, if we are going to take a trip we are going to do it right. I just hope the trip to Cancun in 2 months doesn't turn out like this!!